Celebrate Global Tiger Day with CubClub on 29th July

Jul 24, 2014


Every day is a tiger day for the CubClub team but it’s great to have a day especially for these awesome cats. July 29th is that day. On Global Tiger Day the world will join together to raise awareness and funds to save our favourite animal. To celebrate, CubClub has created a fantastic new poster for you to download and enjoy of a beautiful Bengal tiger, Machali, and her cubs and lots of cool facts!

Download the poster here.

There are just 3,200 tigers left in the wild.  Threatened by habitat destruction and fragmentation, poaching and the illegal wildlife trade, it is vital that we come together on days like this to give them the protection they need to thrive in the wild. CubClub, through the TigerTime campaign, works in India, Russia and Thailand to ensure a safe, long-term future for tigers and their habitat.

So, this Global Tiger Day, why don’t you get together with your friends and do something amazing for the tiger?  Download a fundraising pack; dress up as a tiger for the day or hold a cake sale. Make sure you also check out www.davidshepherdeducation.org for lots of ideas and more information about the tiger!

Adopting a tiger is another great way to save the tiger and celebrate Global Tiger Day! Zhorik was rescued from a Russian circus and is now cared for in a protected area of natural forest. When you adopt Zhorik you will help us to fund vital anti-poaching operations and protect this region of the Russian Far East, where fewer than 500 of Zhorik's wild cousins survive. Find out more here.


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