It's World Ranger Day!

Jul 31, 2014


Jorba and Anil © Nicky Dunnington-JeffersonAll over the world, our wildlife and national parks are being protected by amazing men and women. World Ranger Day is a day to celebrate their courageous work. Called rangers, wardens, forest guards and guides, here at TigerTime's CubClub, we like to call them Wildlife Guardians and now you can now sponsor a Wildlife Guardian directly throughour parent charity David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation!

The Thin Green Line, an organisation dedicate to the protection of rangers around the world, has estimated that over 1,000 rangers have died in the line of duty in the last ten years. The illegal trade in wildlife has grown in recent years and poachers now have more money and are using better weapons. These poachers pose a greater risk to rangers around the world.

Each of the projects that TigerTime supports relies on rangers to help protect the awesome tigers!

In Thailand, TigerTime’s funding supports the training of anti-poaching park rangers to protect tigers. The rangers also monitor the tigers, collecting and recording information during their patrols which helps park managers to develop a strategy to protect tigers.

TigerTime provides anti-poaching teams with key field equipment, fuel and spare vehicle parts in Russia to protect the last 450 Amur tigers. The rangers compare their work and can identify problem areas of intensive poaching and how best to use available resources.

Rangers, including a very special anti-poaching dog squad, funded by TigerTime keep tigers safe in Assam, India. Jorba, an extraordinary Belgian shepherd dog, and his handler Anil are proving to be pioneers in the fight against poaching. Specially trained, Jorba is capable of picking up a scent, tracking and bringing down a poaching suspect and is trained to detect wildlife products.

So, this World Ranger Day, celebrate the work of these amazing men and women and all they do to protect our wildlife and the habitats they live by sponsoring a Wildlife Guardian today!


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