Orphaned Amur tiger finds a home for Christmas

Dec 18, 2014


On 16 November a rare Amur tiger cub was found alone and starving in the Russian Far East; what became of his mother we can only guess. As cubs would normally stay with their mother for two to three years, without help he would die and another precious tiger would be lost. Saving him was a priority.

The determined team worked together to rescue the young tiger who was by now very thin and weak. They took him to the Rehabilitation Centre in Alekseevka village where he is receiving special care and round-the-clock feeding and veterinary support.

It will take Tikhon several months to regain his strength and be well enough to be returned to the wild where he belongs.

In 2014, we helped return five orphaned Amur tigers to the wild in Russia. They are all doing well. Vital to ensuring the future of the Amur tiger population every tiger is precious. Tiger rehabilitation and release has been successful in Russia but sadly in India, they have not had the same success. With as few as 3,000 tigers left in the wild, each one is important to the species' survival.

Russian children have also been showing their love for Amur tigers and have created a calendar filled with amazing tiger paintings and drawings! See some of their fantastic images below - why not have a go at your own terrific tiger paintings this Christmas - send them to dswf@davidshepherd.org!

You can help CubClub and our parent organisation, DSWF, ensure Tikhon is given the care he needs and that Amur tigers in Russia are protected in the wild.. During the holidays, get involved and do some fundraising using the targets below. Do a cake sale, dress up as a tiger for Christmas or pick one of your own ideas. You can download a fundraising pack here and make sure you let us know what you plan to do!

£20 provides vitamins for a day
£35 pays veterinary bills for the day
£60 buys fresh food for a week
£500 helps teach Tikhon vital hunting skills



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