Terrific news for tigers

Jan 22, 2015


According to a new count of wild tigers in India (called a census), tiger populations have increased from 1,706 in 2011 to 2,226 in 2014.

There were around 100,000 wild tigers worldwide in the year 1900 but today as few as 3,000 remain, that's a 97% loss.  

"This is very positive news for wild tigers in India," says TigerTime (CubClub's parent site) campaign manager Vicky Flynn. "Whether the true number has increased or that census techniques are more sophisticated cannot take away from the great news that tigers continue to survive in an increasingly overcrowded human landscape."

The latest tiger census figures show that the state of Karnataka has the highest number of tigers in the age group of 1.5 years and more. Karnataka has 408 tigers in that age group followed by 340 in Uttarakhand, 308 in Madhya Pradesh, 229 in Tamil Nadu, 190 in Maharashtra, 167 in Assam, 136 in Kerala and 117 in Uttar Pradesh.

A tiger census in India is carried out every three years by the country's National Tiger Conservation Authority ( NTCA ).

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Keeping tigers wild and free is what drives the CubClub and the TigerTime campaign. Find out more about tigers on our education website or why not do some fundraising to help protect them in the wild? You could even adopt Zhorik through CubClub and TigerTime's parent site, DSWF.

Source: Times of India


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