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Feb 19, 2015


This year is going to be a particularly important year for the tiger. With just 3000 wild tigers left in the world, we need to make sure that these wonderful animals are protected from being poached for the illegal wildlife trade.

In 2014 the world agreed that the countries where wild tigers roam needed to protect this amazing species from extinction. In 2016, these countries must report back on what they have done to ensure the tigers survival. So this year, we have to put the pressure on to make sure that those countries take the necessary and agreed action to safeguard the future of tigers in the wild.

TigerTime (the parent of CubClub) is going to deliver a petition with half a million signatures to the Chinese Embassy in London in October 2015 to call for the protection of tigers. Along with the petition, we will hand in your terrific tiger art and poems to show how much the next generation (you!) wants to be able to see tigers in the wild.

Take part!

Create a piece of art or a poem which shows your love for tigers and why you would like them to be protected in the wild.

Write your name, age and address on the back and send it either by email to or by post to CubClubComp, David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, Saba House, 7 Kings Road, Shalford, Guildford, Surrey GU4 8JU.

Send your entry in by 31 August 2015.  The winning art or poem will receive a DSWF tiger adoption!


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