Let's get serious about wildlife crime

Mar 12, 2015


On 3rd March, CubClub and TigerTime (and their parent DSWF) joined other conservation organisations around the world for World Wildlife Day to share the message that "we are serious about wildlife crime."

Wildlife crime puts many different species in significant danger. Tigers are threatened by humans killing them (which is against the law) and then illegally transporting and selling their skin, bones, organs and other parts.  

CubClub, TigerTime and DSWF have been serious about wildlife crime for over thirty years, fighting to protect precious populations of wild tigers in India, Russia and Thailand.

We were part of a group of conservationists who saved the Amur tiger from extinction when numbers plummeted to below 100 in the 1990s and today are proud to protect a viable population of this magnificent big cat of c.450.

In India our undercover work helps us discover more about poaching networks and who they supply, our anti-poaching patrols protect Bengal tiger populations and our alternative livelihood schemes provide employment for ex- and would-be poachers.

In Thailand regular forest patrols make it harder for poachers to move unseen and our education and outreach programmes aim to educate local communities about the value of wildlife ALIVE not dead.

In London we work with the Metropolitan Police's wildlife crime unit to spread awareness of wildlife crime.

Our campaign to ban the trade in tiger parts from all sources shows that we will never give up on the fight to save wild tigers and that, with your help, we can make a difference to the future of wild tiger survival.

TigerTime (the parent of CubClub) is going to deliver a petition with half a million signatures to the Chinese Embassy in London in October 2015 to call for the protection of tigers. Along with the petition, we will hand in your terrific tiger art and poems to show how much the next generation (you!) wants to be able to see tigers in the wild.

Take part!

Create a piece of art or a poem which shows your love for tigers and why you would like them to be protected in the wild.

Write your name, age and address on the back and send it either by email to dswf@davidshepherd.org or by post to CubClubComp, David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, Saba House, 7 Kings Road, Shalford, Guildford, Surrey GU4 8JU.

Send your entry in by 31 August 2015.  The winning art or poem will receive a DSWF tiger adoption!

Image © Suzi Eszterhas


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