CubClub Supporters

See our celebrity supporters who love tigers and are backing CubClub!

      Photo credit: M Smits van Oyen

Simon King OBE

"Tigers are perhaps the most beautiful animals on this planet. Sadly, if we do not act, they could face extinction. If we want to save the tiger we have to work together. Your voice and your friends voices will help us make a real difference. Please join the CubClub and give the tiger a voice."

Andy Day

"We cannot lose this magnificent creature, it belongs with us on this planet, so please get involved in CubClub. It is necessary for us to save the wild tiger so you, your children and children’s children can see wild tigers alive for years to come.”


Sarah-Jane Honeywell

"I think the CubClub is an awesome team to join! The magical tiger needs our help to keep it alive. Tigers aren't just for stories, they are for life - so get involved and help the wild tiger!"

Sarah-Jane is a fantastic member of CubClub - She has raised over £1,600 to support our work to save the last 3,000 wild tigers.


Zara The Vet

"Tigers are one of the most amazing animals on the planet, but sadly there are only a few truly wild ones left.  While we can see them today in many zoos, they are adapted to live in the wild, roaming through jungles and hunting for their own food. I’m a vet and have been very lucky to have been able to work with some of these incredible big cats! By following CubClub you’ll  learn about the tiger and the work to ensure they continue to survive and live in the wild. Maybe you’ll even get a chance to see them in the jungle yourself some day..."