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Tiger Facts

Find out more about your favourite big cat.

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  • How much does a tiger weigh?

    Male tigers can weigh up to 300kg, the same as 10 average 10 year old children!

  • How long do wild tigers live?

    Tigers can live up to 15 years in the wild.

  • How tall is a tiger?

    Male tigers can reach 1m in height at the shoulder.
  • What is the largest species of tiger?

    The Amur tiger is the largest and can be up to 3m long - nose to tip of tail!

  • Do tigers like to go in water?

    Usually cats hate water…but tigers are good swimmers and often go for a dip.
  • Where do tigers live?

    Tigers can live in many habitats: from tropical forests, grasslands and woodlands to mangrove swamps. Their territory once reached from Turkey to China. 

  • Do tigers have the same stripes?

    A tiger's stripes are like a human fingerprint, no two have the same!

  • How many stripes does a tiger have?

    Most tigers have over 100 stripes.

  • What do tigers eat?

    Tigers are not picky eaters - they prey on birds, buffalo and even spiky porcupines. Wild boar are their favourite!

  • Why are tigers endangered?

    Tigers are killed by humans for their fur, bones and organs, even though it is illegal to kill a wild tiger.

  • Do tigers purr?

    Tigers purr just like pet cats, but the sound is around a hundred times louder!